# IOTPay API Interface Document

# Before integrate

Before starting integration, merchants need to sign a contract with IOTPay for related products.

Merchant gets the merchant ID and merchant key of the test account.

Merchants need to provide IOTPay with APPID for binding with APP or WeChat mini program to access WeChat payment.

# Choose right payment channel

# Wechat

Payment channel Scenario Note
WX_JSAPI Mobile web in wechat app or mini program mini program need APPID
WX_NATIVE PC WEB,POS machine user use wechat to scan the qrcode generated by merchant
WX_APP pay from merchant's app merchant need provide APPID to IOTPay, wechat pay sdk required
WX_MICROPAY offline shops merchant scan the barcode on user's wechat, scan device required

# Alipay

Payment channel Scenario Note
ALIPAY_MOBILE pay from merchant's app alipay sdk required。
ALIPAY_WAP web in mobile browser page in mobile browser or app's webview
ALIPAY_PC web in pc browser will redirect to alipay web to login with account
ALIPAY_QR PC website,pos terminal with screen user use alipay to scan the qrcode generated by merchant
ALIPAY_MICROPAY offline shops merchant scan the barcode on user's alipay, scan device required

# UnionPay

Payment channel Scenario Note
UPI_MICROPAY merchant scan user's qrcode merchant need scanner,offline
UPI_QR user scan merchant's qrcode offline
UPI_SEQ UnionPay Online payment(redirect to UnionPay web) online
UPI_APP UnionPay Online payment(using UnionPay SDK) online

# About WX_JSAPI:

User open page in wechat app and redirect to IOTPay page to fulfill payment. After create order, payUrl will be returned for merchant to redirect to.

# Currency supported

  • Alipay, Wechat Pay and UnionPay online: support both CAD and USD;
  • Credit card, UnionPay offline: support only CAD;
  • CAD:Canada dollar--Canada company
  • USD:US dollar--American company
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