Asynchronous Notify

When the payment finish successfully, IOTPay API server will send message to notifyUrl so merchant can update inner order status and do some processing.

Notify Url

Merchant pass notifyUrl to IOTPay API server via create order API. Make sure this notifyUrl can be accessed.

Notify Parameters

payOrderIdString(30)P20160427210604000490order id assigned by third party payment system
mchIdString(30)20001222merchant id assigned by IOTPay
mchOrderNoString(30)20160427210604000490order id assigned by merchant
channelIdString(24)WX_JSAPIsee more channels
currencyString(3)CAD3 letter representation for currency,eg:CAD
amountint100payment amount in cents,eg. $28.65 is 2865
statusint2payment status, currently only return 2 for success
clientIpString(32) ip
deviceString(64)WEBdevice id or WEB
subjectString(64)product title
bodyString(256)product description
channelOrderNoString(64)wx2016081611532915ae15b00b0167893571third party channel order number
param1String(64)if channelId = WX_JSAPI,will be "mchOrderId"
param2String(64)return original value
paySuccTimelongpayment success time in ms
backTypeint1notify type,1-frontend,need to support redirect; 2-backend,only notify

Return Result

When merchant backend get notify, just return string success. After getting success IOTPay API server will no longer send notify messages, or else will keep notify periodically for several times.

Polling Order Status

For some merchant without backend system, eg. some POS machine, notifyUrl cannot be utilized. Merchant can get order status by polling, refer to Query Order Status.

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