UnionPay ExpressPay API

ExpressPay (UPOP Mode, hereinafter referred to as ExpressPay) provides a fast and convenient UnionPay online payment solution to acquirers and merchants. It allows cardholder to stay on merchant/acquirer page to complete a payment on different terminals, such as PC, laptop, tablet and other mobile devices. ExpressPay will process E-commerce Non-Authentication mode transactions for acquirers. ExpressPay can accept UnionPay credit cards, signature debit cards, signature prepaid cards, and PIN debit/PIN prepaid cards issued outside Mainland China, Hong Kong and Macau. This mode allows acquirers or merchants to utilize UPOP system’s interface via Internet.

To Integrate with UnionPay ExpressPay API

Simply use UPI_EX in the channel field when sending requests


  1. This channel only accepts UnionPay cards that are issued outside Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

  2. Although the redirect window / iframe generated with this channel may look identical to that of the credit card channel PF_CC, non UnionPay card cannot be used in these payment windows and vise-versa

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